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Travel Insurance for Renal failure

Travel Insurance for Renal failure Travel Insurance for Renal failure

Are you finding it increasingly difficult to find an insurance company who can arrange a Travel Insurance for Renal failure policy for you at an affordable price? Look no further as we at Insure For Travel are here to help. Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a long-term condition where the kidneys do not work effectively. It is estimated that around one in five men and one in four women between the ages of 65 and 74 has some degree of Chronic Kidney Disease and you have an increased risk of developing Chronic Kidney Disease if you have high blood pressure or diabetes. In some people, Chronic Kidney Disease may cause kidney failure, more commonly known as established Renal Failure (ERF) or end-stage kidney disease. Should you find yourself in an emergency situation when you are travelling abroad, whereby you require medical care in the event that you have noticed potential symptoms of Chronic Kidney Disease e.g. tiredness, swollen ankles, feet or hands (due to water retention), shortness of breath, nausea or blood in the urine, whilst travelling abroad and you know you should seek medical help, you will be much happier knowing that you have a quality Travel Insurance product sufficient to cover your medical needs and consequent expenses. This is particularly so if you have reached the advanced stage of Chronic Kidney Disease and have the risk of Renal Failure (ERF) as this worsened condition means you also have an increased risk of stroke or heart attack because of changes that occur to the circulation. Renal Failure is a serious medical condition and could mean that in order to survive you may need to have artificial kidney treatment, called dialysis. Should this situation occur whilst you are travelling abroad, the medical bills for treatment and potential hospitalisation could be crippling if you have not arranged a Travel Insurance for Renal failure policy in advance of your trip, especially in countries such as Spain and the USA where medical bills are notoriously high. So, don’t waste any time and invest in the invaluable peace of mind, knowing you will be looked after wherever you are in the world under your Travel Insurance for Renal Failure policy and try us for a no obligation Travel Insurance for Renal Failure quote today, by visiting us at

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