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Medical Travel Insurance

Medical Travel Insurance Medical Travel Insurance

We are trained Medical Travel Insurance experts, with over 30 years of experience in the Insurance industry. We are able to provide our customers with a high level of cover, for a vast array of pre-existing medical conditions; these include cancer, heart disease and diabetes. A number of medical conditions we can even arrange free of charge!

Every traveller is aware of the importance of acquiring a sufficient Travel Insurance policy prior to leaving the country. This is particularly so for our customers with a pre-existing medical condition(s), meaning that Medical Travel Insurance is absolutely pre-requisite to your trip.

In order to achieve the right cover for you at the right price, why not apply for a free non-obligation quote with Avanti. At Avanti, you can rest assured that we will tailor make a policy that is right for you and any pre-existing medical conditions you might have.

We can provide you with a quotation or policy 24 hours a day, seven days a week (online) or via telephone (see our office opening hours). The below are just some of the pre-existing medical conditions we at Avanti Travel Insurance can cover for you:

• Diabetes

• Cancer

• Stroke, Mini Stroke or TIA

• Heart attack

• Hernia

• Enlarged prostate

• Depression

• Arthritis

• High blood pressure (Hypertension).

• Cholesterol

• Asthma

• Epilepsy


• Leukemia

• Knee/Joint replacement

• Broken bones

• Angina

• Deafness

• Blindness

• Schizophrenia; a mental illness that can cause symptoms of confusion, hallucinations and delusion. Described by doctors as a psychotic disorder as ones’ own thoughts cannot be differentiated from reality.

• Hip replacement; the replacement of the hip joint with an artificial substitute through common surgical procedure.

Avanti can cover all of the above and more, subject to terms and conditions. Please note that it is important that you tell us everything about your medical condition(s). You will need to know details of the drugs you are taking, any special needs you may have when travelling and any treatment you are currently receiving.

So, why do thousands of people with pre-existing medical conditions choose Avanti?

Our customers choose us because we are trained experts and they rightly trust us to provide not only a great value policy, but also the reassurance and peace of mind that we can cover them for any eventuality, anywhere in the world. We hugely value our customers and listen carefully to their individual needs, offering advice accordingly.

Our customers appreciate our discretion and the kind and sensitive way in which we converse with them over their personal medical matters. We listen intently to our customers’ needs and are honest and open with our opinions and recommendations. We classify a pre-existing medical condition in the same way as with any disease, illness or injury for which you have received medication, advice or treatment for and in the cases whereby you have experienced medical symptoms for a condition that is yet to be diagnosed.

The medical screening questions specify which pre-existing medical conditions need to be disclosed to us for the purposes of arranging insurance. It is your responsibility to declare pre-existing medical conditions to us otherwise you may not be adequately covered. Please feel free to call us if you have any questions, alternatively you may be able to find the answer on our FAQ's page.

*Many pre-existing medical conditions can be covered FREE when calling our UK contact centre.

**Children & Grandchildren under the age of 18 insured free when travelling with an adult aged over 21, who is named on the travel insurance policy.

Insure For Travel who is are authorised and regulated by the Financial Conduct Authority. Register No: 458950.

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