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As from the 8th October 2021, we are currently upgrading our travel insurance policies and will be back very soon. In the meantime, we can offer you a quote from a wide range of policies provided by our partner Just Cover.

Asthma Travel Insurance with Elect Travel Insurane

Asthma Travel Insurance with Elect Travel Insurane If you are planning a trip away and have asthma, then make sure you are fully covered for your asthma by getting asthma travel insurance from Elect Travel Insurance. Getting a quote for our asthma travel insurance couldn't be easier. Just answer a few questions about your asthma via our travel insurance medical screening process and you can get the quote you need.

Many travel insurance providers exclude cover for asthma, so always check the small print before buying a travel insurance policy for your asthma. Other travel insurance providers may cover your asthma, but at a substantial increase in premium. Get a quote for asthma travel insurance from the travel insurance specialists at

The following items are provided free of charge when purchasing travel insurance for asthma:

£250 - Sending emergency medical prescription aboard – if lost/stolen

£250 - Emergency replacement of prescription glasses abroad – (incl eye test if necessary) - if lost/stolen/damaged

£500 -Recovering after surgery abroad(recuperative holiday if surgery and hospital for 5+ days)

£150 -Hospital benefit in the UK

£200 -Home help in the UK

£1500 - Corrective cosmetic surgery in the UK(to soft facial tissue)

£50 - NHS Prescription medication in the UK

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